Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my 18 minutes survey..!

nerze on duty ♥ Yu HaHn ♥ at 12/29/2010 12:30:00 AM
wah...saya di tag...miz yuyu xiao ling bgi homework la...
jap ckgu erk...ank murid nk wat homework niyh....

Starting time ; 2344
Brother(S) yup...2 lil' brothers 
Eye Colour ; dark green maybe...heheh...juz kiddin' lol...dark colour 4 sure
Shoe Size : hurmm..6 maybe...uhux
Hair ; black op koz
What are you wearing right now ; t shirt, pants
where do you live ; omm a state with a lot of turtle. amazon? lalaa~
Favourite number ; 7...y 7 meyh?? huhu...juz fell like it..!
Favourite drink ; milk...2 get strong bone n teeth..hikhik
Favourite Breakfast ; anything..nyum2..

Have You Ever ;

Broken a bone ; hurmmpp...nope..!
Been in a police car ; never n never want 2..huhu..
Fallen for a friend ; not yet...dislike...
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; not yet..
Swam in the ocean ; i can't swim...
Fallen asleep in school ; heheh...juz a few tyme...erk??
Broken someone's heart ; bee 4 sure...sowy darl...
Cried when someone died ; 4 sure
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; yup...till fell asleep
Save e-mails ; not need..hihi
Been cheated on ; hurm...yup... 

What ;

Your room like ; like a palace..ehe
What is right beside youu ; my
What is the last thing you ate a pear...on diet?? oh no...uhu 

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; no one..well, i'm a good gurl...cettpodah..!
Who was the last person you dance with ; no one..but i wish incik mohd khairul bin mohd zanggi ;)
Who last made you smile ; my bee...thanx ya 4 made me happy

Final Question ;

What are you listening to right now ; korean song
What did you do todayyy ; facebook'n, watch he's bautiful, blog'n n walking in da rain..hihi
Are you the oldest ; yezza...
Indoors or outdoors ; both...

Todayy You Did ;

Talk to someone you like ; yup...wif my incik keyol
Kiss anyone ; my incik keyol pic...;)
Sing ; oweyz...rite now..
Talk to an ex ; a year ago.
Miss Someone incik keyol
Eat ; nasi ayam

Last Person Whooo ;

You talked to on the phone ; my incik keyol
Made you cry ; op kos my incik keyol...huhu...what a bad guy huh...
You went to the mall with ; my friends
Who cheered you up ; my incik keyol...he cheers oll my day

Have You ;
Been to Mexico ; nah...tonite maybe in my dream..ahax...
Been to USA ; next week...hihi

Randommm ; oweyz...
Have a crush on someone ; shhh...secreto 
What Book are you reading right now ; book??? nope..
Best feeling in the world ; i belong to him 
Future kids name ; hihi...zamir zaquan...awww...nice name..
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; yeah...wif my mr.turtoise 
What under your bed ; bed juz broken by dini, huda n nad..uhu..
Favourite sport(s) ; badminton...joging...hehe..
Favourite place ; island...
Who do you really hate ; a liar...hate them much
Do you have a job ; nope...still a student nerze at kubang kerian nursing colleage
What time is it now ; 0002
wokeyh...da beres....xmo la tag sape2...lau ade sesape nk homework niyh, amek je erk...







Piercings ; bed broken...grrrrr... 

Name ; yu..juz simple n sweet..heheh

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